Contaminate Staining

Contaminate Staining – Tea Tree Stains

Foreign deposits of metal etc can find their way on to stainless steel surfaces causing isolated staining and sometimes rusting. In most cases these stains/ rust marks can be removed with commercially available cleaners and polish.  It is important to remove these as if left they may in time damage the surface of the stainless steel.

The ball shown below has been in a swimming pool for approximately 18 months and is showing signs of rusting/ tea tree staining on, and above the waterline.  This is most likely caused by fine air or waterborne metal particles attaching themselves to the surface of the ball and corroding.

 Removing this staining can be done with any commercially available cleaner/ polish.  Once such product is “Masarati - Brite Shine Cotton Wadding Polish” which is used in the below example.

After the staining is removed a final clean with Windex or similar

cleaner will return the surface to its original condition.