• hanging 250mm Green Stainless Steel Ball

  • Product Code: GREEN250SSB


Product Information


Stainless Steel Ball 150mm


Hollow Mirror Stainless Steel Ball

Finished with a metalic green power coating to give a rich metalic finish.  

250mm diameter

304 grade Stainless Steel

Included: 6mm thread with round eyelet can be used as a fixing mount.

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This ball is constucted from 304 stainless steel and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 

They can be clustered into groups for spectacular effect in your garden, inside your house or business premises. 

They look great placed in garden beds or hung from wire.

These ball are a modern version of a Gazing Ball and would make a unique and very distinctive feature to your home or business. 

To find out more about Gazing Balls please follow this link jalex.com.au/shop/index.php.

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Please note these balls are round and can roll away.

Care should be taken when placing them to ensure this cannot occur.

The balls are made with two pressed halves welded together.

Once welded the joint is ground and then polished to a mirror finish.

On some balls under certain light and angle this join can be seen.

Balls should be placed to reduce this effect.