• Inox -Care

  • Product Code: INOC4

Product Information

INOX-Care is a highly refinded poure oil for the care, protection and maintenace of aluminium, non-ferrous metals and stainless steel.

INOX- Care:

  • Helps prevent teastaining and surface corrosion.
  • Leaves a gleaming protective film on applied surfaces.
  • Protects from fingermarks and humidity damage.
  • Is and easy spray-on, wipe off application.

How to use INOX-Care:

Apply INOX-Care sparingly and evenly by spray or soft cloth onto the surface to be protected.  Do not use on foood contact surfaces.  Re-appply regularly.  If surface is contaminated with teastaining, rust, lime veil, oil or grease use INOX-Clean first.

For further information refer to the manufacturers web site at www.revolutionmaterials.com.au.


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